The Oyster World Rally 2028 29 D

The Oyster World Rally 2028-29.


This is the sailing adventure of a lifetime: an enriching voyage of discovery, of magnificent experiences and intimate ocean crossings on the world’s finest luxury bluewater sailing yachts.

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168飞艇开奖结果官方直播 what sets the Oyster World Rally apart


Explore our award-winning, rally-proven fleet of luxurious bluewater sailing yachts

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The world's 幸运168飞艇开奖结果查询 bluewater yachts

Oyster is a 168飞艇开奖结果直播 British luxury sailing yachts builder. We have designed, built and supported the world’s finest liveaboard sailboats since 1973.

The DNA of our 50ft to 90ft ocean 168飞艇开奖官网计划 yachts is rooted in over 20 million bluewater sailing miles and more than 100 sailing circumnavigations. We use this experience to refine our explorer sailing yachts so they are capable of taking you anywhere in the world in complete luxury, comfort and safety.

Our luxury sailboats are the ultimate hybrid adventure machines, offering owners life-enhancing experiences. Safe, well-provisioned and hand-crafted with exceptional materials, each Oyster liveaboard yacht for sale displays an unparalleled attention to detail and the outstanding skills of our British master craftsmen and women. We are committed to building something great that nurtures the passion of the Oyster family in ways that are always beyond expectation. As a result, Oysters are renowned the world over as the finest luxury sailing yachts for sale. On an Oyster, the world is yours.

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